Mammogram and 3D Tomography

Our specialist radiographers perform a mammogram which involves compressing the breast tissue between two plates and exposing it to a low dose of radiation.

This procedure takes a matter of minutes.

Our state of the art tomography equipment means that several angled low dose exposures are taken to create a computerised 3D series of 1mm slices through the breast tissue, as well as creating a synthesised 2D mammogram image – all with an exposure dose similar to that of a traditional mammogram.

A specialist radiologist will interpret the results of each patient’s mammogram and, in consultation with the clinical consultant, will make a recommendation in relation to the need for ultrasound imaging or further investigation.

Breast ultrasound

Whole breast ultrasound examination is undertaken by our skilled sonographers.

It adds valuable information about clinical or mammographic findings and is a very sensitive screening test, particularly if the breast tissue is mammographically dense or the patient is at increased risk of breast cancer.

Ultrasound is generally used to complement the mammogram findings. However, ultrasound may be the first test for younger patients, or those that are pregnant or breast feeding.

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