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Must be advised by phone at least 24hrs before your appointment*


If you would like to change your appointment time, please call us on 1300 65 30 65 as soon as possible, so that we may offer your appointment time to another patient.


Please take careful note of this important information relating to your appointment. Please keep this list and refer to it the day before your appointment – we suggest you stick it on your fridge!


1. Referral

You will require a current referral for breast imaging from your GP or a Specialist. Medicare does not allow us to re-use referrals from your previous visits to SBC. We can accept referrals to other imaging practices. For you to receive the appropriate Medicare rebate, please ask your referring doctor to request: “+/- mammogram, +/-ultrasound, +/- biopsy (if needed)”


2. Toiletries

Please do not use talcum powder or spray deodorant on the day of your visit, as it can cause a false result on the mammogram. Roll-on deodorant can be used, but keep it away from the breast area. You are welcome to bring deodorant to apply after your mammogram.


3. What to wear

For easy changing, please wear a two-piece outfit, eg. skirt and top.


4. Previous tests

Please bring any previous mammograms, ultrasounds and breast biopsy results you have had at any other breast imaging centre in the past five years. (Please bring us the pictures, not just the reports!)


5. Your results

All your breast imaging will be read on the day of your visit by a Specialised Breast Radiologist. A Breast Physician or Breast Consultant will discuss the results with you on the day. Because your mammograms and ultrasounds are reported while you are still at the Clinic, the total time for your visit may be longer than if you have a regular X-ray at another centre.


6. How long you will be here

The average time in the Clinic is 2 to 4 hours, depending on how many tests you require. As this is difficult to predict, please ensure you have made appropriate arrangements for child-care and school pick-up. We recommend you reach us by public transport, as parking in the city is expensive.


7. Breast Biopsies

If you require a breast biopsy, we offer a same-day result service in most situations. Core biopsy results take at least two days. All breast biopsies are performed after 12.30pm when our Specialist Breast Pathologist is present in the Clinic. You are welcome to wait at the Clinic until then, or you may return to the Clinic after a lunch break if that is more convenient for you.


8. Fees

Depending on the complexity of your visit, whether you hold a Healthcare or Veterans card and how many imaging procedures are required, fees range between $130 to $950 (extra fees apply for biopsies). The total fees are payable on the day. The Medicare rebate will be deposited into your bank account by Medicare.

Please see here for more details


*Please note that we have a Late Cancellation / Non-attendance Fee of $100 (non-rebateable)

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