Breast conditions, both benign and cancerous, can be complicated to diagnose and manage.

A second opinion may be sought for a variety of reasons.

For some women, the purpose of seeking a second opinion is to confirm the diagnosis and management plan that has already been proposed.

The reassurance of a second specialist may help women feel more confident about the planned management, and allows them to proceed with the care already planned.

For other women, the purpose of obtaining a second opinion is to hear another point of view, or to find out about other treatment options.

In cases of cancer, this may be one that has fewer side effects or is more targeted to their particular circumstances.

Women are often concerned that their managing doctor will be offended by a second opinion.

This is generally not the case, and most breast specialists expect and encourage second opinions. It can be helpful to seek a second opinion from a doctor or specialist in a different institution or network, so that you can be offered a different point of view.

Sydney Breast Clinic is a specialist breast service and can provide a high quality second opinion based on years of training, specialisation and experience in breast imaging and diagnosis.

Women often come to SBC for reassurance about a diagnosis or a management plan that has already been proposed.

Although women presenting for a second opinion will often come to SBC with their breast imaging already completed, in some circumstances we will recommend further imaging, with extra mammographic views or more specialised ultrasound imaging, to ensure that we can give a fully informed opinion.

Our same-day service ensures that for the majority of patients, a diagnosis and second opinion can be given the day of consultation.

For women with breast cancer who are seeking a second opinion on treatment planning, a consultation can be organised with a consultant breast surgeon.

Often this second opinion leaves women feeling confident about their proposed treatment options.


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